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When in Doubt, Give Evelyn a Shout

It has been said that Evelyn is the glue that holds their unit together. No matter what the circumstances she goes above what is expected of her, day to day, raising the bar in terms of quality and quantity of work.

“Evelyn is an exceptional member of our staff and exemplifies all that we are trying to achieve in best work practices and standards of excellence.”

Being passionate and unwavering in her work ethic, we know we can depend on Evelyn to approach every task with fervor and finesse. Her participation on countless undertakings has played a pivotal role in our productivity, and her teammates have the utmost respect for her.

"Evelyn goes the extra mile to see things are done correctly. She trained me when I first started working for SHP and I'm still learning from her. I feel Evelyn's hard work and dedication makes her an outstanding employee and such an asset to this organization.”

As a person becomes more skilled at their job, it is easy to become complacent, but not Evelyn, she is both skilled and enthusiastic which is invaluable. Her commitment has not faltered since she started with her unit in 2011, and her quality of work cannot be questioned. We know you will go far and continue to raise the bar along the way. Thank you, Evelyn, for all your hard work.

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