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Nurse Andrea is beyond Professional

Sometimes at the site there are many obstacles to face. Lot's of moving parts in the background can make being correctional nurse a challenge. Nurse Andrea knows and has faced these challenges head on.

"She is one of the most professional, dedicated, knowledgeable nurses I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She also has this habit of putting SHP first in her professional mindset."

Andrea took a facility that wasn't working to it's full potential and has it working very well. She has one of the most organized infirmaries from top to bottom, shelf to shelf, chart to chart. Because of her training she has provided the jail staff is even allowed to pass meds. She is routinely consulted with by the JA and invited to staff meetings for her input.

"The Sheriff said that she has been a total professional and a tremendous asset to this staff in the jail. When he got into the office he knew nothing about the jail. He now consults our MTA, Nurse Andrea as part of his administrative staff."

Andrea, you’ve faced challenges and overcome many obstacles, but always have drive to keep going. Thank you for your incredible example of never giving up. Congratulations on being this month's employee of the month!

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