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MTA Daijah ~ Leader & Mentor

We are pleased to recognize MTA Daijah in Tuscaloosa County, AL as our Employee of the Month for her outstanding leadership and steadfast dedication. Daijah not only demonstrates exceptional leadership skills but also consistently offers assistance whenever needed, ensuring our team functions smoothly even in challenging circumstances. Her positivity and commitment to excellence guarantee efficient and precise completion of every task.

Daijah's compassion and diligence are evident in all her endeavors. She advocates passionately for her patients, renowned for her reliability and dedicated work ethic.

"Daijah has shown exemplary leadership, teamwork, dedication, and compassion in her role as an MTA. She is always one step ahead of everything. This year has brought about many changes including a wedding to the love of her life, finishing her MH NP in a couple of months, and moving her medical unit to a new location. Even with all the events she has overcome hurdles with great pride and continued to surpass her goals by continuing to improve her facility."

Thank you, Daijah, for your unwavering dedication and exceptional service!

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