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Nurse Luke a True Leader

Nurse Luke is an employee that is always up to the challenge. His sense of humor will always turn a bad day to good. Luke's compassion to the patients and willingness to help his co-workers are only a few reason why Luke is February’s Employee of the Month.

"Luke is always willing to lend a hand and is dedicated to providing excellent health care. His sense of humor makes every day better. He assists in training all new employees and is a huge asset here at the Clermont County Jail."
"His concern for doing the right thing whether it is dealing with administration, staff or an inmate. If he feels he has not done his best, he looks for ways to improve his performance. He takes the responsibility of being the face of SHP at CCJ as a commitment to excellence and a never ending task."

Luke has shown exceptional leadership by taking the new nurses under his wing, leading by example and going that extra mile. Thank you Luke for the outstanding work you do for SHP and Congratulations!

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