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Nurse Rebecca goes the extra mile

Nurse Rebecca is one to always count on. She is a very hard worker and leads her team by example. She is dedicated in making sure her patients get they care that they need. She is a great asset to the SHP family.

"She is always there when anyone needs her. She goes above and beyond to ensure our residents have everything they need to succeed. She is an amazing leader and such a huge blessing to SHP and our staff. "

Going that extra mile is not always easy but she does with a smile on her face. Through her leadership and determination she has made this into a great site to work at. It's been said that she makes sure everything is in place for the staff to have a successful day,

"Becky goes above and beyond for her employees and patients! She always gives 100% and is ALWAYS there when we need her!"
"She is a true advocate for her Juvenile patients with a true passion for correctional nursing."

Rebecca, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to SHP, staff and patients. Keep up on the amazing job you do. Congratulations on being named Employee of the Month!!

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