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Nurses Week Spotlight- Nurse Lisa Gillespie County

Nurse Lisa out of Gillespie County Tx found herself following in the footsteps of her grandmother who was a hard working CNA. After a couple of years working as a CNA she realized that she wanted to do more to help in the healing process of people. So, following her dreams she went and achieved her GED and moved forward following her dream of becoming a nurse. Eventually, after spending some time working in state hospitals and long term care, she found her way into the field of corrections at SHP and has fallen in love with the uniqueness of every days work, getting to help people in new and interesting ways each and every day.

When asked about her time at SHP she stated, "I have never felt more at home with a company than I have working for SHP. The staff and corporate team are very easy to get along with, and you don't feel as if you are being micro managed in any position, as I have in the past with other jobs."

Nurse Lisa stated that her strongest ability that helps her in work is that patients are treated as a person no matter their charge and through her ability to see through their past she can help teach good choices to follow after their time spent in jail as well as give them information into treatments and facilities to possibly help them to keep from getting stuck on the path they are currently traveling down.

"If one person is helped by my assistance it is worth it."

Lisa shares a passion for nursing that we are so thankful we could show off during Nurses Week 2021. Her passion for healing and providing care and knowledge for those patients she interacts with, helps her overcome many new situations which would often be viewed as daunting and difficult by a more timid nurse. At SHP we are so thankful that she can change the lives of all the patients she interacts with throughout her career at Gillespie County Jail.

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