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Nurses Week Spotlight- Nurse Robyn, Coryell County

Nurse Robyn of Coryell County, started her healthcare dreams as a Surgical tech, later became a MA and, in her 40's, enrolled in Nursing school. Chasing her nursing dreams, she drove nearly 200 miles 5 days a week for 14 months, to eventually graduate the top of her class.

"I didn't become a nurse to get a front row seat to other people's tragedies. I did it because I knew the world was bleeding and so was I. Somehow inside, I knew the only way to stop my own bleeding was to learn how to stop someone else's"

This quote, as stated by herself, embodies the reason Robyn became a nurse. Showing her resilience to give up on her dream of becoming a nurse, she has endured many trying times in the field. Robyn finds the most enjoyable part of her career making a difference in other's lives by providing care to many who have never had any before. The diversity both in patient population and medical needs leaves never a dull moment for her time spent in Correctional Nursing.

"That's what I love about corrections, it's always something new and exciting... My job is my playground, home is work" -Robyn

At Southern Health Partners Nurse Robyn loves the constant support of her team. from day one she has always felt as if she was provided with every tool she needed to learn her job.

In Robyn's time at SHP, her ability to listen has been one of her strongest assets, paying close attention and keeping a mindful watch of the individual healthcare needs while providing the best care she can. Taking her time to explain treatments or the necessity of certain medications to an often lost group of people can be difficult at times, Robyn always works to ensure that the patients are bettering their health while in her care.

Robyn, Thank you so much for allowing us to share your story and experiences during Nurses week 2021, we hope you know you're appreciated by us all here in the SHP Family.


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